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WoW Guide Online: Warrior Twink Guide

Warriors can be a most devastating opponent in World of Warcraft. This is guide is for a level 19 warrior twink. Below is a list of the best gear and enchants that a level 19 warrior could get.

This is the talent spec for a 19 warrior twink. It is aimed at giving the warrior the best DPS for his class and level.

Cruelty - 5/5
Improved Heroic Strike - 3/3
Improved Rend - 2/3


Lucky Fishing Hat – Obtained from winning the weekly STV fishing tournament.
Green Tinted Goggles made with 150 Engineering skill. This requires Engineering which you should always take up for twink bonuses.

Blackened Defias Armor with +4 Stats enchant. Can be found in Deadmines.

Chausses of Westfall obtained from the chain quest in Westfall, The Defias Botherhood which starts at Redridge 27,44. Quest giver is in the Inn on the second floor.

Cobrahn's Grasp Drops from Lord Cobrahn in Wailing Caverns.
Stormbringer Belt which can be found in the Auction House.

Sentry Cloak which can be found in the Auction House.

Venomstrike dropped from Lord Serpentis in Wailing Caverns, Or Lil Timmy's Peashooter which can be found in the Auction House.

Thorbia's Gauntlets which can be found in the Auction House.

Silver-linked Footguards which can be found in the Auction House.

Demon Band which can be found in the Austion House.
Protector's Band which is obtained when Honored with Silverwing Sentinels. (Alliance)
Seal of Wrynn which is from a chain quest for killing VanCleef in The Deadmines. (Alliance)
Seal of Sylvanas – Reward for the quest “Arugal Must Die” (Horde Only) for SFK obtained at level 18. Begins in Sepulcher from Dalar Dawnweaver, located in Silverpine Forest at 44,39. Requires you to kill Arugal, the final boss in SFK. (Horde)

Beetle Clasps a quest reward from Researching the Corruption in Blackfathom Deeps.

Weapon (2H)
Smite's Mighty Hammer which drops from Smite in The Deadmines and add the Crusader enchant.

Weapon (1H)
Cruel Barb which drops from VanCleef in The Deadmines.
Shadowfang which drops in Shadowfang Keep or can be found in the Auction House (Be prepared to pay a large price for it).
Also I suggest you get Fiery enchant on your weapon.

Arctic Buckler which is a quest reward from within Blackfathom Deeps.
Redbeard Crest which can be found on the Auction House or as a world drop.

Alliance - Sentinel's Medallion Warsong Gulch neck peice when Honored with Silverwing Sentinals. Silverwing Sentinels Rep Vendor is located at 61,84 in Ashenvale.
Horde - Scout's Medallion when honored with the Warsong Outriders.

Minor Recombobulator requires 140 engineering skill, pattern can be found in the Auction House or go to Ratchet and buy the plans from Gagsprocket.

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