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Ulduar Boss Guides - Flame Leviathan

This is a vehicle only fight. It's a pure kit and dps fight. The vehicle's damage scales with the drivers gear, so get your geared people driving!

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Flame Leviathan How To

When you first enter Ulduar you will be at the Expedition Base Camp. Before starting the event vehicles should be assigned to raid members. See the list below for suggested assignments:

Suggested Vehicle Assignments:
Siege Engine - Tanking Warrior should drive.
Siege Passenger - DPS

Demolisher - DPS should drive.
Demolisher Passenger - DPS.

Chopper - Healers should drive.
Vehicle Abilities:
Salvaged Siege Engine:
Driver - Ram, Electroshock, Steam Rush
Passenger - Anti-Air Rocket, Fire Cannon, Shield Generator

Salvaged Demolisher:
Driver - Hurl Boulder, Hurl Pyrite Barrel, Ram, Launch Passenger
Passenger - Mortar, Anti-Air Rocket, Grab Crate, Increased Speed, Load into Catapult

Salvaged Chopper:
Driver - Speed Boost, Sonic Horn, Tar, First Aid Kit
Passenger - No Abilities

The Guanlet

Once vehicles are assigned you can start the instance. Players should board their assigned vehicles and make your way north. When going through the guantlet stay together and do not get seperated. As you move along the Salvaged Siege Engines should take point. Salvaged Demolishers should try to stay in the rear. Salvaged Choppers can move along behind the Salvaged Siege Engines. Salvaged Siege Engines should take out towers as you move north towards the boss. Demolisher drivers can assist by firing boudlers (attack #1) at the towers. You will aslo be attacked by large ammounts of adds as you move north. Everyone can take out these with your respective weapons. Siege Engines can act as tanks during this.

Passengers should be on the lookout for flying adds. Use your anti-aircraft rocket attack to shoot them down. If they drop blue pyrite barrels the Demolisher driver should move close and the Demolisher Passenger should use their Grab Crate adility to pick them up. Demolisher Drivers should not use these barrels (attack #2). Save these for your fight with Flame Leviathan.

All vehicle drivers should be on the look out for green repair pads on the ground. These are green circles that all drivers can driver over to repair their vehicle.

End of the Guantlet

Once you reach the end of the guantlet there will not be any more towers and you will see a wall taht has several enemies along it. Pull these back away from the wall. Once you kill these Flame Leviathan will come and a gate will lock behind you. It is important that everyone be on the north side of the last towers and in the room, or they will be locked out of the boss fight.

Flame Leviathan

This fight is a kiting fight. There is not a tank in the traditional sense. Instead players will take turn kiting Flame Leviathan. Whoever (this means everyone including tanks) is being targeted by Flame Leviathan should run and kite him around the room.

Siege Engine drivers can get in close to Flame Leviathan and do a traditional melee style attack with Flame Leviathan.

Chopper Drivers should be using their Tar ability to slow down Flame Leviathan. It can also be ignited to cause additional damage to Flame Leviathan.

At the start of this fight Demolisher Passengers should load themselves into the catapult. Demolisher Drivers should aim and fire the passengers so that they land on top of Flame Leviathan. Once aboard Flame Leviathan passengers should targer the turrets and destroy them to cause an overload of Flame Leviathan (2 turrets on 10-man, 4 turrets on 25-man). Once the overload occurs, Demolisher Drivers should use their Pyrite Barrels on Flame Leviathan (attack #2). These will do massive damage to Flame Leviathan.

Once overload occurs the passengers will be thrown off. They will parachute down. Chopper drivers should watch for them and be ready to pick them up once they hit the ground. Chopper drivers should use thir heal ability on the passenger and deliver them back to a Demolisher with no passenger.

Demolisher Drivers should stay at max range this entire fight and fire boulders at Flame Leviathan. Only use the Pyrite Barrels on Flame Leviathan when he is overloaded. If you are kiting Flame Leviathan, your passenger should use the boost speed ability to get some distance ahead of Flame Leviathan.