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Naxxramas Boss Guides - Sapphiron

This is basically a tank and spank fight. Healing will be intensive for this fight as well. Frost resist gear is highly recommended.

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Sapphiron How To

This fight is the same in 10 or 25 man. It has a 15 minute enrage timer, but if you can last that long, you probably could have killed him already.


This fight is less about DPS and more about surviving. So DPS don't try to do stupid stuff for the sake of getting good numbers. Casters and Melee need to stop what they are doing and move when they are in any kind of danger. For example, when a Blizzard is on you stop casting and move! You're job is to survive as long as possible and DPS when you can. Melee DPS should position yourself at Sapphiron's hind leg. Ranged DPS just stay away from the head and tail, and look out for Blizzards.


It is recommended that you have 5 to 6 healers, and spread them out amoung your groups. One should be totally dedicated to the Main Tank. Pay attention to Ice Blocked players, and heal them up. Look out of players hurt by teh Ice Block splash damage. De-Cursers keep an eye out for Drain Life and de-curse it as soon as you see it.

Main Tank

The Main Tank should grab Sapphiron where he starts at and have him face the entrance that you came from. If tha Main Tank is affected by Sapphiron's Blizzard spell, it is best to remain where you are and have the Healers heal you through it. It is too dangerous to turn Sapphiron due to tail swipes affecting healing and etc.

Phase 1

This is a typical Dragon fight, meaning that if you get near his tail you will get tail swiped, and you will get melee hit if you are near his head. So stay away from his tail and head.

During this fight Sapphiron will be hitting the tank pretty hard, anywhere from 7k to 10 and Cleave for around 10k. He has a rather large Cleave radius, so all melee should be at Sapphiron's hind leg. Sapphiron will have Frost Aura up during this fight: Normal Mode: Frost Aura Heroic Mode: Frost Aura. It is recommended that everyone have their frost gear on (See gear list below), as it will help the healers out a lot. The only exception is the Main Tank, who should not wear any resist gear.

During this fight Sapphiron will cast Chill. It looks like a very dense Blizzard, and should be avoided by raid members. Normal Mode: Chill Heroic Mode: Chill

Also Sapphiron will cast Life Drain on players that will tick on players and heal Sapphiron. In Normal Mode he will choose 2 players for Life Drain. In Heroic Mode he will choose 5 players for Life Drain. Note the damage differences between normal and heroic Life Drain. It is important that this be cleansed as quickly as possible from affected players.

Phase 2

During this phase Sapphiron will lift into the air. All raid members should spread out from each other because the Sapphiron's next attack will cause splash damage to nearby raid members. Once in the air, Sapphiron will use Ice Bolt on 2 players, as I just said this will cause spash damage to nearby players. These players will then be turned into an Ice Block (Note to Healers: Ice Blocked players will need some healing). Once the second player is Ice Blocked, all raid members including the tank should run and position themselves behind the closest Ice Block. You only have a few seconds, so be ready and be fast about it. Sapphiron will then emote, "Sapphiron takes in a deep breath". If you aren't at least near an Ice Block when this emote occurs you'll probably be killed very shortly before you can reach the Ice Block. Sapphiron will then cast Frost Breath.

Once Sappiron has cast Frost Breath, the Main Tank should run to his position and be read to pick him up once he lands.

Once Sapphiron is on the ground, the fight returns to Phase 1 and repeats this process over and over until he is dead or the raid wipes.

Frost Resist Gear

Plate - Icebane
Belt - Icebane Girdle
Boots - Icebane Treads
Chest - Icebane Chestguard

Mail - Icy Scale
Belt - Icy Scale Belt
Boots - Icy Scale Boots
Chest - Icy Scale Chestguard

Leather - Polar
Belt - Polar Cord
Boots - Polar Boots
Chest - Polar Vest

Cloth - Glacial
Belt - Glacial Waistband
Boots - Glacial Slippers
Chest - Glacial Robe