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Naxxramas Bosses - Grand Widow Faerlina

This fight is simple. DPS the boss and kill the adds every so often to reset the boss's enrage. Details below.

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Grand Widow Faerlina How To

This fight will need a Main Tank and an Off-Tank. Once the Off-Tank picks up her adds, he just needs to stand there and don't DPS them. Just keep their attention.

Grand Widow Faerlina should be pulled off the platform and away from the adds. The adds should be tanked on the platform.

DPS should ignore the adds, and concentrate on Grand Widow Faerlina.

Grand Widow Faerlina will do a warlock rain of fire AOE periocically. Everyone should move out of the AOE when it occurs. Its does 2000 damage per second for 6 seconds. A total of 12000 damage.

Grand Widow Faerlina will enrage based on a spell she has called Frenzy. Frenzy has a 60 seconds cooldown. The key to this fight is timing the Widow's Embrace debuff on Grand Widow Faerlina. This debuff will silence her for 30 seconds and wipe her enrage. This debuff occurs when you bring 1 of the adds close to Grand Widow Faerlina and kill it. You have 4 adds, so you have 4 chances to get rid of her enrage. After that, if she is not dead already, you are going to have to tough it out or you will wipe.

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