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Naxxramas Bosses - Gothik the Harvester

This is a split raid encounter. Other than that its a DPS nuke fest. See details below the video.

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Gothik the Harvester How To

You'll need to divide your raid in half. Both sides should have tanking, healing, and DPS.

When you enter the room you will be standing on the "Live" side. The "Dead" side is thru the gateway on the opposite side of the room (Has piles of bones in it, so you can tell it easily).

Decide which group is going to each side and split up. Live side should stand in the left corner of the room, right beside the door you entered through. Dead side should stand in the far oppisite corner. See the diagram at the bottom of the page for positioning.

Once you start the fight, the gate in the middle of the room will close. The teams will not be able to help one another. Human monsters will start spawning on the live side. They come in waves. The Live Side Team will kill these quickly. It should go fast since they are relatively weak. Once they are dead, the will respawn on the Dead Side as ghosts. The Dead Side Team will then have to kill these. The Live Side Team should be aware and not kill them so fast that the Dead Side Team can't keep up and gets swamped.

Once you have killed all the waves, Gothik will teleport down to the live side. At this point there will be no more waves. Its pure tank and spank with a DPS race. Gothik will teleport back and forth between the Live and Dead sides. He will be spamming Shadowbolts and casting Harvest Soul. Harvest Soul will reduce the raids stats by 10% and will stack 9 times. The race here is to kill Gothik before your healers run out of mana. Once Gothik is at about 25% life, the gate will open. At that point both teams can converge and DPS the boss down.

Positioning Diagram