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WoW Gold Guides

Gold Secrets Guide
Gold Secrets Guide is a great guide. The author offers a video on his site to verify what he is showing is on a live server and legitimate. He also gives a video preview of his guide as well so you know what you are getting. Top notch guide in my opinion.

Warcraft Riches
This is a really good guide. This guy shows you that he has made 27,000g following his methods. Wow! No Pun intended!

Valkor's Gold Making Guide
Valkor's gold guide is probably one of the more famous gold guides. Lots of info here.

200g An Hour in Nagrand
200 gold an hour with Skinning and Leatherworking.

Mote & Primal Farming Guide
A guide ot making tons of gold farming motes. If you need gold bad, this is how you can make it fast!

100g An Hour in Zangarmarsh
A guide for making 100 gold an hour in Zangarmarsh.

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